Acknowledging a child before the birth

You can become a parent in the legal sense by acknowledging your child. You can acknowledge your child even before its birth.

Birth, reporting a birth

You must report the birth of a child to the municipality in which the child was born within three working days.

Reporting emigration

If you intend to move from Waalwijk to a place abroad (emigration)? Or will you be living abroad for at least eight months in the coming year? Please notify the municipal authorities. You must report this move five days before you leave.

Rubbish, household waste

You can put out your household waste at the bin collection point/cluster point in a rubbish bin provided by the municipality. 

Exchanging your driver's licence

If you have a driver’s licence that you acquired outside the Netherlands, you may, in certain cases, exchange it for a Dutch driver’s licence.

First registration in the Netherlands

Are you intending to live in the Netherlands (again)? In that case, you are obliged to register at the town hall of the municipality where you will be living.